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and play a part.

Align your brand with a prestigious awards ceremony and gain valuable exposure, build trust, and forge meaningful relationships within Qatar's business community.

Your sponsorship is a strategic investment that not only positions your company as a key player in celebrating excellence in doing business but also uplifts the local market.

Maximise Brand Visibility

Sponsorship offers prime visibility to a captive audience, including industry leaders, influencers, and potential clients, boosting brand recognition.

Position as a Leader

Align your brand with excellence and innovation, positioning your company as a leader within the QFC community.

Networking Opportunities

Gain exclusive access to key stakeholders and decision-makers during the awards ceremony, fostering valuable connections.

Marketing and PR Benefits

Leverage sponsorship for marketing and PR efforts, showcasing your support for the local business ecosystem.

Customised Sponsorship Packages

Tailor your sponsorship to fit your brand's goals and budget, ensuring maximum return on investment.

A variety of packages,

for all your business goals.

The below sponsorship categories are available for organisations to consider. However, sponsorship packages can also be customised to fit with specific corporate needs.


"Networking Lounge” Sponsor

"Innovation Catalyst"

“Community Champion” Sponsor

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