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Welcome note.

I am excited to welcome you to the QFC Awards 2023, a platform dedicated to recognising QFC firms for their exceptional work across various areas of business operation.

We launched this Awards programme in 2018 under the title "Qatar Business Awards" to acknowledge the excellent work of QFC firms and highlight the value of their achievements to our mission and vision for Qatar. In the second edition of this Awards, we expanded our scope to accommodate companies in Qatar's broader business community.

While we cherish the legacy of the Qatar Business Awards, we must adapt our initiatives to better serve our growing stakeholders. This year, this prestigious Awards is relaunched as "The QFC Awards", marked by a renewed focus on celebrating excellence within the thriving QFC community.

By recognising and celebrating the achievement and excellent work of our firms, our valued partners who are pivotal in our journey to establishing Qatar as a leading global financial and commercial capital, we believe that we can make an even more significant impact on Qatar's business ecosystem. This shift in focus aims to foster stronger connections and collaboration within our community, which will be observed during the forthcoming Awards ceremony.

We are excited about this new chapter and look forward to continuing our tradition of showcasing excellence and honouring exceptional business values and practices.


Yousuf Mohamed Al-Jaida

Chief Executive Officer

Qatar Financial Centre Authority

Where do I start?

To qualify for the QFC Awards, please select the category that most closely aligns with your organisation's accomplishments.

Each nomination should include a cover statement and supporting materials, providing substantial evidence to support your case for the award.

When preparing your nomination, it's essential to maintain clarity and brevity, adhering to the criteria detailed in the Categories and Entry Criteria guidelines.

Please note that each organisation is only eligible to submit for one award category.

Submission Period

17 October 2024

Finalists Announcement

14 November 2024

Awards Ceremony

4 December 2024

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& Entry Criteria.


The Qatar Financial Centre Awards recognise QFC firms that have demonstrated exceptional growth and excellence across various dimensions, including innovation, customer care, the cultivation of an inclusive workplace culture, promotion of partnerships, and commitment to social responsibility

Entering the Competition

Submission Criteria

Company Overview

  • Present a brief introduction to your firm, its mission, vision, and core values.

Category Alignment

  • Clearly explain how your achievements match the specific criteria of your chosen category.

Key Accomplishments and Evidence of Success

  • Highlight significant milestones and notable achievements and provide substantiating data that validate your firm's excellence.

Supporting Documents (if applicable)

  • Attach any relevant documents, reports, case studies, or testimonials that support your claim to the Award. (PDF only)

Please note that the above requirements are prerequisites for the general submission. Each category may require specific supporting information or materials.

Judging Process

Shortlisted firms will receive notification via email. The comprehensive list of candidates will not be disclosed before the event.

Submissions will be evaluated objectively, ensuring fair consideration for all applicants. The evaluation considerations include innovation, impact, sustainability, alignment with the category criteria, and overall excellence.

Our commitment to transparency ensures that the most deserving firms are recognised for their exceptional contributions and accomplishments within the QFC community.

We eagerly anticipate your participation in the QFC Awards, where we honour and showcase exceptional accomplishments within the QFC community. By celebrating your success, we inspire commitment to excellence and continued advancement.

For inquiries, contact Nour Herzalah from the QFC Awards Committee at

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